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Raphael Luzon

Following the last 40 years debates about the compensation to the Jews of Libya and their rights and following the reaction in the Arabic and Libyan Media and Websites about my activities that aim to improve the Dialogue between the parts, I am taking the opportunity with this site to explain.guestbook

Raphael N. Luzon I was born in Bengasi, Libya. Thrown out of Libya after a bloody pogrom during the "Six Day War", he moved in 1967 to Rome, Italy, where he lived for 27 years. He then moved to live in Israel for 6 years (1995-2001).

Raphael Luzon graduated in Political Science at the University of Roma and since graduating worked for 16 years in diplomacy dealing with: Organization, Press and Information, Commercial and Economics, and Administration. I was also a press correspondent in Italy, for Israeli newspapers and media like: Maariv and Hadashot and the Israeli Radio Galei Zahal. In Israel Raphael Luzon was active in journalism & management.

Professionally, Raphael worked as Director of a Geriatric Hospital in Tel-Aviv and as Senior Producer for RAI Italian TV-News channel. He was an Executive Director of "Mediterraneum", promoting investments tourism and events for year 2000 in the area, and the Overseas Coordinator of "Jubillenium", a global Company cooperating with the Vatican and other Religions in the worldwide celebrations of the year 2000.

Currently, Raphael Luzon resides in Europe as Manager of a Company dealing with Judaica items, books, craft and silver gifts. You can find more on Raphael Luzon's activities, including links, in his professional page. Raphael's major interests include politics, movies, reading, opera, oriental music, travelling, computers and interfaith dialogue.

The Book - Co-operation between Jews and Muslims in Libya during past 100 years
Authors: Ahmed Rahaal and Raphael Luzon - Download the eBook

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17 January 2015

Recently I met with Mr Raphael Luzon who is the Chairman of Jews of Libya UK. ...

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